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Privacy, Terms and Conditions

Please note that we are no longer taking online orders that utilize Wix as the payout engine. We have moved the payment to PayPal. We apologize for this inconvenience. Wix recently upheld and refused to release payouts on numerous clients, so we resorted to refunding these clients their purchase funds and are relying on the good faith of these clients to re-pay via paypal, Eventbrite, or check. Wix created an environment that was not conducive for business, but we hope that the changes will make it easier for you to purchase our Deep Dive Series slide decks and improve your BD efforts.

We are, however, taking order over the phone, email or by check. 


202 Blue Ridge Ave

Front Royal, VA 22630

At Deep Dive Series, we value your privacy and we do not sell our mailing list. Terms and conditions.,,,we will refund in full if your dissatisfied. We do not allow the resale of our slide decks and recordings.

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