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Deep Dive into Department of State

Deep Dive into Department of State

March 15 has a robust lineup from across DoS! Individually, any of these would be worth the price of admission. The CIO of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research will be a true joy as INR is notoriously camera shy (due to being part of the IC). We have leaders from DS, IRM, AQM, an embassy and more.


Check out the line up for March 15:



7am: open-networking!

7:40 am opening remarks by Glenn Robinson

7:45am Alexa Tsui of G2Xchange on the outlook for BD's and DoS

8am: Ken Rogers, IRM, Introduced by David Yang, ICF

9am: Mike Derrios, AQM, introducted by Jennifer Dougherty, ICF

10am: Steven Haines, Acquisitions, Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Introduced by Liz Renninger, BD Matters

11am: Donald Bauer, Bureau of Global Talent Management, Introduced by Michael Riley, Edgesource Corporation

12:00-12:30: Donald Blersch, Alumni, recently Division Director for DS. Introduced by Glenn Robinson

12:30-1pm: Luke McCormack, for federal CIO and stellar podcaster.

1pm: Peter Griffith, Director of Data Analytics, Bureau of Conflict, Stabilization Operations. Introduced by Sandy Mestre, Anakim

2pm: Jimmy Hall, CIO, Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Introduced by Bill McKenna, WWT

3pm: Kevin Lee, IT Director for US Embassy in Belize, introduced by Liz Benton, Akima

4pm: Douglas Briller, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Division Director, Facility Security Engineering. Introduced by Joe Kucan, Viderity.

5pm: Erica Jacobs, Director of IT for US Embassy in Canada

6pm-8pm-Deep Dive Slide Deck presentation


All of these speakers plus a 5,000+ page slide deck that will assist you with your coverage of DoS, the recording (in case you double book your calendar) and the attendance list.


It is best to register  before the 15th as once the session starts, we will be focused on the session. We will get you in, but it will not be instanteous.

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