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Deep Dive Series for Federal Government Contractors

 Produced by Blue Ridge Executive Services

The Deep Dive Series has been producing webinars for the Federal GovCon market since April 2020 and has covered each Civilian Cabinet level agency and will be doing the same for DOD in 2022 and expanding more in 2023. We bring the best of the speaker's series and the subscription services and then provide context and more to make this the most effective tool for business developers. The star attraction is the slide deck. Each session has a slide deck that ranges from 1,500 to 9,000 pages filled with contacts, biographies, opportunities, and much more. The slide deck is built to help you with your step reviews, your pipeline and your call plans. The goal on our part is to help you learn much more about your target agency so that your firm can provide the best possible service.

We have added the Deeper Dive and the Dive into in 2022 as a trial run and these were hits! We will have these regularly in 2023.

What are these? The Deeper Dive spends 3-4 hours on one bureau, component or mode. The Dive Into sessions are 2 hour intros into an agency


What makes up the Deep Dive Series?

We have five lines to help you increase your knowledge of the Federal Market. Each will help you and your fellow BD to increase your network, build your pipeline stronger and improve your PWin.

Here are the lines

Deep Dive-a full day that covers an agency from top top to bottom going over the entire organization and pointing out where there are hidden opportunities, the leaders, the current vendors, and opportunities over a 6 year period! We usually have guests leaders from the agency (not always).

Deeper Dive-is a 3 hour session that covers one bureau or component in a deeper manner than we can devote during the Deep Dive

Dive into-This is a 2 hour introduction to an agency that is perfect for those wanting to learn more ab out an agency and whether you should move forward.

Deep Dive Blue Team-This is all about one opportunity only in a way that the agency industry day cannot! We go into the current vendors, the likely bidders, the realistic RFP release date and more

Skills based (including the Deep dive BD Bootcamp)-these are 1 hour to 8 hour sessions that will help BD's become experts. Our BD Bootcamp is 8 hours and will share senior level BD expertise.

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